Few words about us

Who we are

Our company

StaTrans is a dynamically growing company operating on the international market. We specialize in the TFL industry (Transport – Forwarding – Logistics) and in this sector we concentrate all our activities. We provide transport and freight forwarding services, warehousing as well as maintenance services for trucks. We have all the necessary authorizations as well as many years of professional experience, thanks to which we can achieve the best results.

Our team is a group of experienced and cohesive employees who have all the competences to provide services at the highest level. At StaTrans, we constantly train our team and implement modern technologies to work more efficiently and introduce new, ever-higher standards of work and quality of services in the TFL industry.


When we taking on the tasks entrusted to us, we make every effort to ensure that our activities meet all the expectations of our customers. By aiming at the best cooperation and customer satisfaction, we especially focus on:


When we accept an order, we do everything to fully execute it, regardless of problems or difficulties that may arise.


Taking care of the highest quality of services rendered by StaTrans is our priority. At every stage of cooperation, we focus on professionalism and professional approach to the customer.


We care about the security of goods entrusted to us, during their storage in warehouses and during transport. The transported goods are always covered by a high rate of carrier liability insurance.


We are a company founded on such values as honesty and reliability. For us, this is the basis of cooperation.

Individual approach

Each customer has different needs and expectations, and we can understand them perfectly. We are flexible, open to suggestions and new solutions. We approach each customer individually in order to adapt our offer to his needs in the best way.


The StaTrans company specializes in national and international transport. We operate throughout Poland and Europe – Western, Eastern, Scandinavia and the Balkans. We constantly develop and expand the range of our activities. Transport services provided by us are focused on FCL and LCL road transport.

We have at our disposal a modern fleet of vehicles that meets all the necessary technical requirements. We execute orders using vehicles with a load capacity of up to 25 tons. Many of our vehicles are equipped with loading lifts, which definitely facilitates and improves the work involving loading and unloading.

In our fleet we have at a permanent disposal:

  • 80 vans,
  • 60 sets of truck tractor + semitrailer.

In addition, we can offer our clients 24/7 access to the warehouse located near the Airport in Wrocław. It is a high storage warehouse with a storage space of 500 m².

Our activities are concentrated not only on transport and storage of goods. We also know how important is the good technical condition of the vehicles. We care for our fleet of vehicles as best as we can, and want to share our experience in this matter with other companies. You are welcome to take advantage of our comprehensive truck repair and maintenance services.

Our team

StaTrans company consists of dozens of specialists who do their best to ensure that cooperation with the customers runs smoothly and without any problems in every field of our activities.

Our team includes, among others:

  • 30 experienced forwarders,
  • 10 persons managing the warehouse,
  • 4 specialized mechanics

Each member of our team is an expert in his field. The experience and professionalism of our competent employees is a guarantee of the highest quality of services offered by StaTrans and a successful cooperation.

The employees of our company form a well-coordinated team of specialists, which adduced into effectiveness of the entire company’s operation. We take care of the continuous development of our team members and enable them to improve their professional qualifications. We invest in modern technological solutions and tools to facilitate the work of team members. All this affects the optimization of our work and an even greater efficiency and effectiveness. Our employees perfectly understand the specificity of the TFL industry and thanks to this they fully embrace their duties and can more effectively fulfill the tasks they are assigned with.